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Biomarker Analytics

Insilicos combines advanced laboratory measurements with new data analysis approaches, to derive powerful insights into health and disease.

Cloud-based Protein Modeling

Rosetta@cloud offers affordable, cloud-based pay-per-use molecular modeling and related services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. The basis of these services is the Rosetta software, a well-established computational software suite with a variety of tools developed for macromolecular modeling, structure prediction and functional design.

For more information, please visit our Rosetta@cloud page.


Insilicos' biomarker research is primarily directed towards development of diagnostics for cardiovascular disease. PreClue, our first diagnostic test, is the subject of an ongoing clinical study.

For more information, please see the science section.


Our extensive background in proteomics data analysis includes analysis of large studies and of novel techniques.

For more information, please see the services section.