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Insilicos Proteomics Pipeline


Breakthrough Proteomics Software

Insilicos Proteomics Pipeline (IPP) —the tools you need for breakthrough proteomics success. With IPP, you can now take full advantage of the promise and potential of the Institute for System Biology’s (ISB) Trans-Proteomic Pipeline (TPP), the standard for protein identification and quantification. IPP brings major advances in speed, usability, and workflow efficiency to all users of TPP. You get all the pieces of TPP, including PeptideProphet, ProteinProphet, ASAPRatio, XPRESS and Libra —giving you the same information and functionality of TPP, in a software package optimized for performance, ease of use and quick results.
Insilicos is the leading outside partner and contributor to advancing the capabilities of TPP. Our software professionals developed IPP through ongoing collaboration with ISB and as major contributors to the TPP open source community.

Days Turn into Hours

  • Significantly faster —results available 3 to 21 times faster than TPP, depending on the experiment.
  • Key software components have been re-engineered for increased speed and efficiency.

A Better Product

  • Installation in mere minutes with a single mouse click. No more confusing install scripts or web server configuration.
  • True Windows compatibility. Doesn’t require Linux emulation.
  • Won’t conflict with Mascot or BioWorks.
  • Extensive quality control with automated testing of each release.

Exclusive Features

  • Backward compatible with TPP —opens all TPP files.
  • Reads residue modifications from standard UNIMOD format, No more hacking code to support new labeling chemistries.
  • Includes Insilicos Viewer —advanced database architecture allows rapid display and analysis of very large MS/MS data sets in mzXML and other formats.